Cloud Computing

At TEKglobal LLC we have trained cloud computing consultants who can provide cutting-edge customized cloud solutions for your web and mobile based applications. Our web admins and system administrators go through rigorous cloud training and can handle all of the following needs:

  • Setup and Configuration of hardware in the cloud
  • Management and maintenance of cloud infrastructure
  • Monitoring of cloud hardware and virtualized setups
  • Deployment needs on a continuous basis
  • Shifting your current non-cloud setup to the cloud

We provide following Cloud Services

Cloud Deployment
This includes two components – the first is to design the overall cloud deployment architecture, along with guidelines and best coding practices to be followed. The second component is the actual cloud deployment as per the architecture above, which involves server configuration and code deployment and can additionally include things like setting up testing/staging environments and automated deployment scripts as per the requirements.

Cloud Migration
This is the process of moving existing application architecture from non-cloud infrastructure to the cloud. At Atlogys we pride ourselves to achieve this in a technically optimized and efficient manner to ensure minimum downtime and seamless and bug-free migration to the cloud.

Cloud Monitoring & support
This includes identifying both server and application levels metrics and setting up robust monitoring for the same, along with appropriate alerts in case thresholds are crossed. This coupled with ongoing support ensures server issues are quickly identified and resolved and new servers deployed (as required) without affecting user experience in any way.